Effecta® Supply Chain ERP

End to End Supply Chain Management Product on Salesforce Platform

Effecta® is a comprehensive, end to end Supply Chain Management product natively built on Salesforce platform. Effecta® is well built for Food Processing Industry and can work for many other Industries. We understand the challenges in the supply chain and production processes. Effecta® addresses Health and safety requirements and provides full lot tracking capabilities. Effecta® helps you overcoming the process challenges from Inventory, Information and Financial Accounting perspectives.

Effecta® features include:

      - Procurement starting from Purchase Orders
      - Vendor Management including Buy Side Pricebook Management
      - Bill of Materials
      - Discrete and Process Manufacturing
      - Warehouse Receipts
      - Inventory Management and Inventory Accounting
      - Warehouse Management
      - Health Certificates
      - End to end Lot Tracking
      - Logistics, Container and Vessel Tracking
      - Order Management and Delivery

Effecta® has several one-click tools:

      - Create Lots and Warehouse receipt with one click from a Purchase Order
      - Create Finished Goods from Raw Materials with one click!
      - Validate Bill of Materials with one click
      - Consume / Reduce Inventory from the Opportunity in one click
      ... many more one-click tools are under development!

      - You can install Effecta® from Salesforce AppExchange!

      - If you are new to Salesforce, would to see a Demo, please contact us here!

      - Effecta® Knowledge Base

Effecta® high level process from Order to Cash