Effecta Supply Chain ERP

End to End Supply Chain Management Product on Salesforce Platform

Effecta is a comprehensive, end to end Supply Chain Management product natively built on Salesforce platform. Effecta is well built for Food Processing Industry and can work for many other Industries. We understand the challenges in the supply chain and production processes. Effecta addresses Health and safety requirements and provides full lot tracking capabilities. Effecta helps you overcoming the process challenges from Inventory, Information and Financial Accounting perspectives.

Effecta features include:

      - Procurement starting from Purchase Orders
      - Vendor Management including Buy Side Pricebook Management
      - Bill of Materials
      - Discrete and Process Manufacturing
      - Warehouse Receipts
      - Inventory Management and Inventory Accounting
      - Warehouse Management
      - Health Certificates
      - End to end Lot Tracking
      - Logistics, Container and Vessel Tracking
      - Order Management and Delivery

Effecta has several one-click tools:

      - Create Lots and Warehouse receipt with one click from a Purchase Order
      - Create Finished Goods from Raw Materials with one click!
      - Validate Bill of Materials with one click
      - Consume / Reduce Inventory from the Opportunity in one click
      ... many more one-click tools are under development!

      - You can install Effecta from Salesforce AppExchange!

      - If you are new to Salesforce, would to see a Demo, please contact us here!

      - Effecta Knowledge Base

Effecta high level process from Order to Cash