Data Solutions and Strategy

We Serve Data Providers and Consumers

Effexoft has strong experience in Data Analysis, Data Diagnostics, Enrichment, Enhancement and Appends. Whoever is your Data provider, you still need to know how to use the Data effectively. Be it Dun and Bradstreet, ZoomInfo,, Aberdeen's Lead Essentials, HG Data, Ampliz or someone else, Effexoft's Team can help you built the right processes that are completely customized for your specific business to enhance productivity.

Let Effexoft be your Data strategist! We will help you win over your competitors.

Not only the Data Consumers, Effexoft has helped several Data Providers as well over the years build and enhance their Data solutions. Effexoft's Team delivered Solutions for Dun and Bradstreet, Aberdeen and ZoomInfo.

Effexoft has been helping Data Providers build their Salesforce AppExchange Apps, Integrations, Customizations and Enhancements. We understand the complexity and the business logic behind Data. We ensure that both Data Consumers and Providers make the best use of the Data.