News from Effexoft

Effexoft's highly energitic and ambitious teams keep creating news on a daily basis. We would love to share few of them with you here!

May 22, 2014: Effexoft has got a Consulting Services Contract to Upgrade a major ERP System from a prestigious organization in Bay Area, California.

November 18, 2013: Effexoft started looking for implementation partners for its Cloud platform Kanteza. Effexoft has started discussing with couple of prospective partners. Kanteza increases the productivity of the Web Development Teams and reduces the maintenance costs throughout the life time of the application.

November 5, 2012: Effexoft became a partner to implement Customized Solutions to the Clients.

June 25, 2012: Effexoft Inc., successfully migrated couple of it's major portal clients on to Windows Cloud Computing platform at a fraction of the cost compared to the popular Cloud Computing Service providers. Estimated monthly bandwidth for these two high traffic portals are at 30 Tera Bytes.

Apr 13, 2012: Effexoft signed a consulting contract with a major Insurance Services company in California.

Jan 12, 2012: Effexoft Inc., started a Back office Support Center in Hyderabad, India for their US Consulting and Recruiting business.

Nov 16, 2011: Effexoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India was able to resolve several critical issues in the Resultica ERP.

Jan 10, 2011: Effexoft Inc., decided to enhance the Kanteza system in to a more robust general purpose Development and Hosting platform. Started seeking funding for the development.

June 24, 2010: Effexoft Inc., released Content Modules on Kanteza system.

Feb 8, 2010: Effexoft Inc., moved from Princeton, NJ to Somerset, NJ in to it's own spacious office premises.

Sep 1, 2009: is moved to Kanteza, an application development and hosting platform being developed by Effexoft. More details about Kanteza platform will be released in the next few weeks.

Nov 3, 2008: Effexoft signed a consulting contract with a major educational company in NY. Effexoft has multiple products for the educational domain right from schools to the Universities. The lighter version EASI has been implemented at more than 200 locations in India and the completely web-based Resultica has been implemented at few Universities in developing countries including India and Uganda. Oct 23, 2008: Times of India selected Effexoft to develop and deploy Infrastructure Metrix Software. Times of India is India's #1 Media organization and Effexoft is proud to be their solution provider. Effexoft's Media and Advertising solutions division has excellent track record of providing great services to some of the India's most prestegious multi-million dollar media companies including Sakshi. Aug, 2008 Effexoft successfully launched the first version of Resultica - the new completely web-based solution for Educational institutions.

Apr, 2008 Effexoft joins Academy for Quality in Higher Education, Chennai, India for supporting the accreditation software for educational institutes.

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