Supply Chain Solutions

Your entire Supply Chain on Salesforce

Effexoft's Supply Chain Solution on Salesforce Platform is comprehensive. The out of the box Effecta product with some configuration and customization can work for most small businesses. But for companies with complex supply chain process may need further customization and integrations with other systems.

If you would like to know if Effecta can work for your Supply Chain needs, please let us know. We have several Effecta Implementation partners who can customize the product for your specific needs.

Effecta has the following features:

      - Two independent Units of Measurement
      - Vendor and Vendor Pricebook Management
      - Vendors by Item
      - Raw Materials and Packaging Materials
      - Process Manufacturing and Discrete Manufacturing
      - Inventory Consumption on FIFO basis, or manually specified Lots

      - Supplier Management
      - Vendor specific Pricebooks
      - Issue Purchase Orders to Vendors
      - Automate PO creation and delivery from Opportunity
      - Automate PO creation and delivery based on Inventory Levels
      - Start tracking Inventory from Vendor location
      - Create Lots and assign them to specific POs in a single click!

      - Itinerary Management
      - Warehouse Receipts
      - Value added operations on Inventory
      - Procurement process for Packaging materials
      - Use Standard Costing
      - Vendor Invoices against POs
      - Track Open POs

      - Customer Purchase Orders (POs)
      - Receive Customer POs either by email integration or EDI integration.
      - Send a confirmation to the Customer upon receiving their PO
      - Let the Sales Executives see the status of their Orders
      - Ability to create Production Work Orders from the Salesforce Opportunity
      - Ability to create Load Tender from Salesforce Opportunity
      - Send Sales Invoice to the Customer
      - Consume Inventory with a single one click from the Opportunity!
      - Receive payments using Effecta without an Accounting System!!
      - Integrate with an Accounting System as your business grow

      - more features in the future releases!

Effexoft's team has experience and expertise in both software and hardware aspects of the Supply Chain. Effexoft is also a partner with some of the world's leading enterprises in solving our customer's supply chain challenges. If you need a feature that is missing from the above list, please let us know. Effecta evolves based on your needs and requirements!

Please contact us for a free evaluation of your supply chain needs today!