Lead Enhancement

Clean and Enhance your Data Continuously

You may have hundreds of thousands of Leads. But is that Data current? The Lead you got six months ago is still working at the same company? Do you know your Contact's direct number or do you just have Contact's Company number? Do you know the current title of your Lead?

Effexoft will help you choose the right Data Provider for your specific business. You may need Data from two or more providers. You will also need to make sure that the Data and the Work flows are currectly aligned. The data need to get updated on an ongoing basis and whenever a piece of information changes, make sure the appropriate actions are taken care of, make sure the processes are automated right.

Effexoft has strong experience in Data Analysis, Data Diagnostics, Enrichment, Enhancement and Appends. You need the right Data from the right provider and the integrations need to work right. Be it Dun and Bradstreet, ZoomInfo, Data.com, Aberdeen's Lead Essentials, HG Data, Ampliz or someone else, Effexoft's Team can help you built the right processes that are completely customized for your specific business to enhance productivity.